Friday, November 4, 2011

Iain Mc Caig - The Art Of Storytelling - A arte de contar historias

What a refreshing 40 min interview I came accross ! Iain Mc Caig a concept designer share his thinking process and experiences.
Segue a entrevista de 40 minutos de Ian McCaig um concept designer. Nessa entrevista ele divide processo de pensamento, experiencia, novas tecnologia, etc...

About Flipping images and ideas..."you dumped most of what you see, what you paid attention to is what is different" that because you have to quickly evaluate the information, will it treat you or can you use it at your advantage.

About Ego: "A film by a lot of people" VS "A film by Blank Blank Blank"
About Directors ego (some of them): "The driver isn t the better job than beeing the engine...their job is to pick and choose, and they decide witch way the car is going, but without the car they couldn t get there..."
Sobro diretores (alguns deles): "Ser o motorista não e o melhor que ser o motor...o trabalho dele e de pegar e escolher, eles decide aonde o carro vai, ma sem o carro eles não chegaria la.."

"Its all about serving the story"
"E tudo para servir a estoria (a narrativa)"

"Art suports life, not the other way arround."
"A Arte suporte a vida, não o contrario"

"The books are only there if you live them, they are not there if you remember them."
"Os livros sao so aqui para viver eles, nao para ser lembrado"

Speaking about Marketing guy, driven by high investment return
- Investor: " This unpredictable thing called story, we don t need that anymore, all we need to do is making you feel things(...) that s enought. (...)
- Iain: "What a shame"
Traditional vs digital technology: "The new technology it the traditional technology of the future".. about digital caracteristic: "you don t have to commit, (...) you can change your mind forever (...), but still have to print it"

Sobre transicao de traditional ao digital: "A nova technologia e a technologia traditional do futuro", sobre as carecteristica da media digital:"vc nao preciso se apegar, e possivel mudar a idea o tempo todo, ma ainda preciso imprimir "

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