Thursday, March 22, 2012

critic !

A friend of mine Ousmane Diop gave me a kick in the ass this morning via FB and I need to thank him for that. Been almost 3 month now I m studying on my own in the middle of Brasil with the goal of making a transition from visual effects (lots of 3D) to concept art (lots of circles and lines....).
Its a wonderful place to be, surrounded by nature. Any break from the computer is one step away from cows, toucans, all kind of insect (see Photoblog) . Internet doesn t flow so fast here and the only inconvenient is to be far away from anyone who could critic the progresses. Wait wait....far away until somebody invented internet.
So, Ousmane send me a message about quality of production and productivity, its a long mail but very motivating. I have now a deal with myself: put the last gear and accelerate the production flow. Hope some folks will let feedback too on what s coming next !
Thx Ousmane, Leighton.H and J.Park for the critic and encouragement !
Greetings to C.D.A s and Red Engine !

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