Thursday, October 20, 2011

C.D.A. week 02

Week 02 at C.D.A. and LAAFA . Homework done for all classes. Here is a view of Pasadena ( you can see far far away Los Angeles Downtown.). I ll try to post more classes specific topics soon. Abracos a vcs !
The midle foto was done at Eaton Canyon, 30 min bycicle from Pasadena Center, as I arrived there I was sweeting so much it seems I just jumped into a swimmingpool. But well, Leighton Hickman s lecture are as they should be, precise and relax. It s all about doing the task and make mistakes, than be aware of them, learn and correct. First exercice on location is study with a limited palete (5 values scale, monocromatic). This helps you decide for a good composition, focal point, helps you improve making choice about witch value you will group together in the painting as is it imposible to paint the reel value scale. So again think simple and have a plan !

Check the article he wrote here:


  1. Very nice to see your art journey man. I'll follow your posts to know more about how is going things in Los Angeles! I'd like to keep touch with you to talk about this journey ok! Nice to meet you.

  2. Fred, LAAFA I knew but what is C.D.A? Thanks.

    1. Hie Estevao,
      First of all thanks for all the is quite motivating.
      Well C.D.A. is for a school in Pasadena created by Kevin Chen an amazing artist.
      You can compilate your programm depending on each semester teachers. Check the link, I put it on the USEFULL link list.
      All class are fantastic...any question feel free to ask.
      Greetings !